Get Started With Auth Armor

Sign up, create your first project and send a push authentication request

Sign up for a developer account


Go to

Select the register tab and enter your email address.


Check your email

You will receive a sign up email - Click the button in the email to finish creating your account


Setup biometric Authentication

After you have created your account, you can setup biometric login with the Auth Armor authenticator. Simply scan the QR code with your camera app to get started. You can also skip this step and do it later.

Initialize your developer account


Enter your company or organization name.

If you do not have a company or organization name, you can enter anything you'd like. You can change it later if needed.


Create a project

You can create unlimited projects. When you setup your account, we created a sample project for you.

Start integrating your project


Create an API Key

Head over to the API keys menu on the left and create your first API key. You'll need to copy the secret here - it can't be shown again for security


Add/Create users

Create user registration invites by using the API, JavaScript client SDK or one of our libraries


Start Auth Requests

Once you have a registered user, you can now start an auth request by using the API, JavaScript client SDK or one of our libraries


Consume the API

Checkout the Auth Armor Rest API and start coding!


SDK's tools and libraries

Use our libraries and SDKs to quickly integrate, build and secure anything, anywhere!