Biometric Authenticator

Simplicity and security combine with our biometric authenticator app

No more cumbersome codes to type in. Real-time push notifications. Authenticate in seconds.

No codes to type

Our biometric authenticator does not require any cumbersome codes to be typed in. Those Authenticator codes will rely on shared secrets and a hacker can steal that secret and generate their own code. Not with Auth Armor; there are no shared secrets!


Instant push notifications

Push notifications sent directly to users devices instantly alert users of pending authentication and authorization prompts. The push notification message and app both display the context to the auth request, ensuring users know exactly what is happening.



Our biometric authenticator is the perfect solution for passwordless authentication and authorization. Send real-time auth requests directly to your users anywhere in the world. Cryptographically signed messages are returned ensuring you and your users are secure.


Multi-Factor and 2FA

Can't completely remove passwords yet? Instead of using those code-based 2FA systems, or even worse, SMS codes, our biometric authenticator is the perfect solution to protect existing passwords with biometric security. No shared secrets and cryptographically secure.


WebAuthn and FIDO

Utilizing WebAuthn and FIDO standards, our biometric authenticator has the latest technology and security to ensure you and your users authenticate and authorize securely every time. Enable FIDO and WebAuthn in your project with ease with our biometric authenticator.


Auth History

Our Biometric Authenticator records each auth request the user receives, allowing users to view their own actions over a period of time. No other authenticator offers so many features, including auth history for your users to view and audit.