Authenticate users with a simple click of a link in an email.

Simple and easy to use, Magiclinks emails are a quick way to authenticate users.

Trusted Inbox Security

Magiclink emails work on the same idea that forgot password does - access to the verified email inbox can grant access to an account. Instead of sending forgot password links, you can now just send magiclink email authentication requests.


Nothing to remember.
Nothing to write down.
Nothing to lose.

Did you know most users write down passwords somewhere? Remembering passwords is hard, writing down passwords is a huge security concern. Going passwordless means users no longer need to remember, lose, or write down anything.


Passwordless is the future
It's here now.

Passwords must go. They worked for the first few decades of computing, but much like any technology, something better, more evolved, quicker, and easier comes along. Passwordless is the future, and it is here now.